Signaling Problem

It is about T-mobile. Not about the dispersion of your boyfriend’s non-converging signals that you have no idea where the global maximum lies.
If that’s your primary problem, take Game Theory 101 (most likely coded as something like “Economics 613”); you’ll be glad.

I moved from AT&T to T-mobile last month. I never thought that any major wireless provider could have such a poor coverage in 2016. Yes, it’s 2016. I feel that T-mobile is still stuck in 1990s.

Dear John:

Please give me more signals. Economists can’t live without them.



Sayonara MacBook…

I have had a pleasure of using a Macbook Pro Retina (the latest model with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD) for a few weeks.  But, she needs to go now.  That is because I decided to spend next few years with a Thinkpad T450s.  I purchased the Macbook and Thinkpad just before Christmas for $1,500 and $700, respectively.  I really ‘wanted’ to love my Macbook, but sadly, I am not in love.  The decision wasn’t difficult.  Yes, the screen is crisp, and the enclosure’s beauty is breath-taking.  However, I had no chemistry nor spark with her.  I waited weeks but the Macbook has never been more than just a piece of metal.

My first computer was a PowerMac 6420, which I purchased in Akihabara in 1997, and I owned a PowerBook G4 Ti 15″, PowerBook G4 Al 12″, and MacBook (Polycarbonate) before switching to Thinkpad Edge 13″.  I subsequently purchased a Thinkpad T420s; this was the guy who struggled through graduate school with me.  He endured my abuse in the process of writing a dissertation.  He had a few mechanical issues but he was mostly a dependable guy.  His sibling is now taking over his role.

Until 2009, I was a Macintosh user and I loved every machine that I owned.  I loved OS 9.  The operating system was clearly superior to Windows 95 or ME.  The user interface was clean and beautiful.  But today, El Capitan is disappointing; the user-interface is not interesting and not exciting.

Steve was so much more attractive than Bill back then.  But now, Satya is so much sexier than Tim.