Two more traces on Google

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of me on Google Street View.

I found two more….

Me on Arch St

Me on Loyola


Joey & New York

I was going to go to the City for Joey’s performance. Yep, I acted too late…

I admit it; I came to know him like everyone else, i.e. his appearance in the last week’s 60 minutes. As a music ‘consumer,’ I am not ashamed of enjoying watching a young Chinese piano prodigy playing extremely technical pieces by Frederick Chopin in a shiny and tiny dress, exposing too much skin. But Joey is different…

What amazes me about him is that he does not stick out. Many prodigies “stick out” because of exceptional skills in one area, usually technical skills. However, other skills are often rather mediocre. Joey is different; he is a fine jazz pianist all around. He hardly has exceptional techniques; he has a very good sense of music and groove but he is not “divine” like Keith Jarrett is (I admit that Keith is not a good example — I am not that familiar with all jazz pianists but I hope that you understand what I am trying to say).

He is an aged, very fine jazz player like one of the finest “second vin Bordeaux.” He is not Romanée-Conti. But he brings joy to anyone’s life.

“Help Me.doc”

A few weeks ago, I was digging into Rutgers’ intranet website in an attempt to figure out the easiest way to save files in my personal folder.  (I still use Rutgers’ resources because University of Maryland doesn’t provide much.)

Digging deep into the intranet, I found a handful of accidentally shared documents; A poorly written class essays, flyers for upcoming collegiate events, incomplete resumes, and cover letters.

One of the documents drew my attention.  “Help Me.doc”  I opened the file out of curiosity; I was little nervous as well.  Does someone really need a help?  If so, what do I need to do?  My computer downloaded the file momentary and the word file opened on my screen.  The 104-page document starts with a “Disclaimer,” alerting readers that what follows is the voice of her inner thoughts.  It seems like that the person intentionally buried the file on the bottom of deeply nested shared folders.

The disclaimer ends with a sentence, “You’ll wish you didn’t read it because it could simply be a waste of time reading my life.”  The metadata section of this document shows the author’s name; a feminine name commonly used in Southeast Asia.  Out of respect for her privacy, I won’t redistribute this document or disclose her name; but I am going to read her diary and post a few reflections soon.


Thought Fragments

– Went to Mobtown for Square dancing.  It was so much fun!  Saw a friend as well.  Made me happy.

– Called my insurance company about a prior authorization that I asked my doctor to place (“I want a brand-name drug that is 100 times more expensive then its generic version on other subscribers’ cost”).  Found out that there was no need for a PA.  Gosh…

– I fully recovered my iTunes MP3 library.  I’ve never purchased music for years.  I canceled Spotify; I am moving to Google Music.

– Called Amazon to get a replacement for a package disappeared on its way.  The representative repeated that the item will be delivered tomorrow; I asked how she knows.  She did not know.  Her supervisor placed a replacement order and gave me a refund for the item.  Confused.

– More than few computer parts are malfunctioning.  Sending them back for replacements under warranty.  I hate technology.

– Matthew 14; I try to work really hard to get what I want.  It’s probably not a good strategy.