Thought Fragments

– Went to Mobtown for Square dancing.  It was so much fun!  Saw a friend as well.  Made me happy.

– Called my insurance company about a prior authorization that I asked my doctor to place (“I want a brand-name drug that is 100 times more expensive then its generic version on other subscribers’ cost”).  Found out that there was no need for a PA.  Gosh…

– I fully recovered my iTunes MP3 library.  I’ve never purchased music for years.  I canceled Spotify; I am moving to Google Music.

– Called Amazon to get a replacement for a package disappeared on its way.  The representative repeated that the item will be delivered tomorrow; I asked how she knows.  She did not know.  Her supervisor placed a replacement order and gave me a refund for the item.  Confused.

– More than few computer parts are malfunctioning.  Sending them back for replacements under warranty.  I hate technology.

– Matthew 14; I try to work really hard to get what I want.  It’s probably not a good strategy.


Pianists & Commercial Interest

Listening to Yuja Wang’s Rachmaninov. It’s been a few years since she came out. I like how ‘sincere’ she is. Looking up her website; I’m disappointed to find her management cramming concerts almost every night. She’s too good to be just ‘consumed.’10644633_10102186463431823_3353416958870304272_o